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Bonding and Tooth Colored Fills

Chipped, worn, discolored or decayed teeth are repaired using the application of a composite resin (tooth colored material) to the teeth directly in this low cost procedure that can be completed in a single…

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Crowns and Bridges

For significantly decayed, weakened or misaligned teeth, or to help in stabilizing the occlusion (bite), Laboratory fabricated crowns can be used.  Todays materials including all Ceramic crowns give an exceptional esthetic result that will last…

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Thru the surgical placement of an “artificial root”, gaps can be filled in your smile without the need for crowns being placed on adjacent teeth.  Our collegues in Oral Surgery will place the implant upon…

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TMJ and Headache/Migraine Therapy

23 million  Americans suffer from chronic headaches. Research and experience has shown the link between the teeth and clinching and grinding and the chronic pain many live with.  Thru the use of splint therapy, we…

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For the more significantly stained or slightly out of position teeth, a thin Porcelain shell can be bonded directly to the surface of the tooth allowing for a change in color, size, shape or position…

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Whitening Procedures

Thru the use of Carbamide Peroxide and trays, this professionally supervised at-home treatment can be used to significantly lighten dark or stained teeth.

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